Top 5 Worst CFB Beats of 2015


Now that 2015 is complete, I thought it would be a great time to look back at the top five worst gambling beats of 2015. I know the barstool schtick is to be an absolute degenerate when betting, but I don’t consider myself down the rabbit hole as much as Bigcat and ElPres are (Let’s just say that bookies are currently lining up in the NYC streets as we speak). Nonetheless, I’ve lost quite a bit of money of some of these games, riding on a bit more stakes than Rico Bosco has (as in not betting pennies). Here’s to hoping you came out alive on the right side of some of these matchups.

P.S.- I apologize in advance for the PTSD.

#5- Week 10 Nebraska vs Michigan State (-3.5) 

Nebraska MState.jpg

What a finish we had in this game. If you can remember, this game came at a week where we had multiple controversial calls, including the garbage Duke vs Miami lateral game where the refs missed about 10 calls in one play. To set the scene, Nebraska was down 12 points with 4:16 to play. Nebraska drove down the field and scored on a Tommy Armstrong run with about 1:45 left to play to bring the score within 5. After a quick 3 and out by Michigan State, Nebraska received the ball on its own 10 yard line. Then, this play happened:

Without question, the Nebraska wide out stepped out of bounds before the catch was made, although the refs sided with the team stating he was forced out. In the end, it was a 14 point comeback for the Cornhuskers and a huge cover.

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#4- Auburn vs Alabama (-14.5)

This was perhaps one of the most talked about beats at the time in CFB. I’m sure gamblers were having flashbacks of the Kick-6 game as this one progressed. Bama was up 9 points in the fourth quarter, pretty much dominating all aspects of the game throughout. Auburn turned the ball over to Alabama with 2:13 left in the game, with only one timeout left to stop the clock. Still, they had the cover all but locked up. Naturally, Alabama turned to Heisman Winner Derek Henry to run the clock out and finish the game. However, a delay of game penalty (how you get a delay of game penalty running out the clock I will never understand) made it 3rd and 10 for the Crimson Tide. Now having to go for the first down, Henry ran up the middle for 9 yards. On a 4th and 1, Bama hands the ball off one more time to Henry, except he breaks free for about 24 more yards for the score. I’m almost positive that Bama fans have never heard of the invention of “online gambling”, so the score most likely sent Bama fans digging through the trash for their tickets (not a foreign concept). Here’s the final drive, starting at about 3:45.

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#3- UC Davis Aggies at Hawaii Rainbow Warriors (-21.5) 

“I’m honestly not sure how the UC Davis Coach isn’t in jail”. The words of famous gambler Bigcat the day after this game aired. This one was highlighted on many forums, including SVP’s new Bad Beats of the Week segment. The game aired after midnight on the east coast, with about 70% of the money going to Hawaii. In true sports betting fashion, many gamblers probably loaded up on Hawaii to balance out the bad losses from the day. With three minutes left in the game, Hawaii was up 47-17, and many gamblers probably went to bed. What ensued can only be described as “should be illegal”. UC Davis scored to come within 23 points, and recovered the ensuing kickoff after a Hawaii fumble. UC Davis played defense well enough to create a 4th and goal at the nine yard line. Instead of going for the touchdown down 23(!), the coach brings out the kicker to kick a field goal. The score brought UC Davis within 20 to barely cover. This is the type of game to get gamblers to seek professional help. Highlights here:

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#2- Miami vs Duke (Total 51.5)

If the Nebraska vs Michigan State call got you amped, this call would send you over the top. As I’m sure many have seen, the last 10 seconds of this game were EXHILARATING. First, Duke scored a touchdown with six seconds left in the game to go up 27-24. The total is 51.5, so the over crowd still needed a half a point to cover. What ensued next can only be described as mayhem.

Miami received the kickoff and proceeded to use EIGHT laterals to get the ball to the endzone. Over bettors rejoiced, while under bettors questioned the two clear missed calls that the refs blatantly overlooked. One of Miami’s laterals was completed while a knee was down:


and there was a clear block in the back on the return as well. Nonetheless, this was perhaps one the craziest finishes in CFB this year. What could top that?

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#1- Michigan State vs Michigan (-7)

The play of the NCAA College Football year. I was actually at the game in the end zone right where then State player returned the touchdown, and as a Michigan fan and bettor I was ready to call it quits on a career. Michigan was beating Michigan State 23-21 near the end of the game. A huge stop by Michigan over the Spartans came on a 4th and 19 giving the ball back to Michigan. All the Wolverines had to do was run out the clock to win the game. On a 4th and 10 with 10 seconds left to go, Michigan was forced to punt. The punter took the botched snap and fumbled the ball again, then tried to still punt the ball instead of laying down. And instead of laying down, I mean do anything else than what he did. This includes throwing it out of bounds, throwing it into the ground, throwing it up in the air, anything. What resulted was a kick right to the gut of a Michigan State defender, who took it back to the house and completed the upset. State had not been leading at any point in the game up until that moment. State went on to win the conference and get dominated by Alabama, but the result still stings bettors to this day.  That play will be remembered for a long time. Highlights here:

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