Amherst Police Drug Testing Agent is Surprisingly an Extremely Hardcore Drug Addict, Who Would have Thought?


Sky News A former chemist who tested drugs for Massachusetts police departments in thousands of court cases was high almost every day she went to work for eight years, investigators have said.

Sonja Farak, who worked for an Amherst laboratory which tested drug samples for police, was on methamphetamines, ketamine, cocaine, LSD and other drugs during most of her time there, even when she testified in court, according to a report. Cyndi Roy Gonzalez, a spokeswoman for Attorney General Maura Healey, said the information on Farak “will no doubt have implications for many cases”.

She said: “We are deeply concerned whenever the integrity of the justice system is called into question or compromised.” Defense lawyer Luke Ryan told the Boston Herald that Farak handled around 30,000 cases while working at the lab between 2005 and 2013. He said: “This is a statewide scandal, and I think it’s going to take an enormous toll on the system.”

Uh yea, no shit this is going to take an enormous toll on the legal system. Whenever you have a hardcore drug addict who fancies methamphetamine, LSD, ketamine, and  cocaine as their drugs of choice, it might be a problem for a drug testing agency testing over 30,000 cases in two years. I admire Sonja’s thought here, talk about job percs (..). This girl was probably testing a sample here, throwing down a sample over there, high as a kite and making up whatever drug testing results she chooses. I wouldn’t be surprised if literally every finding out of this lab was incorrect. I actually admire the balls it takes to be pounding these kind of drugs while literally helping the police put away citizens for use of said drugs. All in all, this girl is okay in my book, but does this look like the face of someone who would ace any sort of testing procedures  (Besides this one)?



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