New Apple Campus 2 Footage


FortuneIt’s that time again: a look at how Apple Campus 2 is coming along.

Matthew Roberts, one of a few drone owners who has uploaded videos to YouTube each month showing the progress Apple AAPL 1.64% is making on its new headquarters, has published his latest May update. The drone flyover depicts a campus that is still far from complete, but it appears to be making progress quite rapidly.

In the flyover, the reel pictures construction workers hard at work, putting in the frames and solar panels that will ultimately power the facility. In addition, the last curve of the round Apple Campus 2 is being constructed to complete the circle. Glass and canopies are being mounted on both sides of the main building, and a “mountain of dirt” is now standing alongside the campus that’s about as tall as the new headquarters itself.

Each month, Roberts, along with another videographer, Duncan Sinfeld, have been flying their drones over Apple’s “spaceship” headquarters to showcase what’s been done to this point. Both videographers use unmanned aerial vehicles with high-quality lenses to snap videos and stills of the construction’s progress.

This guy Matthew Roberts has been flying his drone over the new Apple Campus 2 construction and so far has been providing some cool sights. Without question, this new campus will be one of the slickest buildings in Silicon Valley, and the entire tech industry for that manner. I worked with the original general contractor for this job, and I can say without a doubt that the building will be tremendous when complete.

My big question is, how do they let this drone just fly freely around the site? Apple has been know throughout its time as one of the most secretive organizations, yet this dude is allowed to openly fly his drone around the site and spy on all of the construction? I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if we no longer hear from Mr. Roberts in the coming months. Apple doesn’t fuck around with these kinds of things, and I don’t think they will enjoy having their campus spoiled for the entire world to see. What I can see them enjoying is the 100% renewable energy production, 1000+ bikes on site, 70 million dollar wellness center, and 60,000 square foot cafeteria. Meanwhile, I’m over here worrying about what if I have enough money to buy pizza for dinner (Shocking, I know).




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