Internet Comment of the Week: Universities are Brothels and Athletes are Prostitutes

NYT Manziel Quote.PNG

Interesting take coming out of the Manziel New York Times article this week highlighting the rise and fall of Mr. Juanny Football. Kerry from Florida (Surprising) starts off her take pretty well assuming that young teenage boys (and some girls, not sexist or anything) view education as a significant burden on them. And to be fair, making an athlete go to class like they get paid to do so or something is a significant burden on their athletic careers. Without question, if NCAA football players were able to practice 24/7 without having to go to their African-American gender studies safe-space class they would have a better than 1.6% chance of getting to the NFL.

Where the take starts to get ultra hot is when Kerry from Flordia starts ranting about universities being brothels. She is flat our wrong because I know my university was in fact not a brothel, or at least not based on my sexual activity over the four years there. It is true though that the best schools with the best athletes get the most students. Take Alabama for example. The football prostitutes over in Tuscaloosa were top of the nation this year, and Alabama’s over 50% acceptance rates confirms they get the most students. Case closed. It simply comes down to Kerry from Florida caring way too much about the prestigious university and wishing to preserve the sanctity of NCAA sports. Shame on these prostitutes for ruining what Mark Emmert has worked extremely hard to put together.




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