Manchester Marathon is Mistakenly 380m Too Short, and We Should Take Away the Medals


BBC Sports– Three years of Greater Manchester Marathon times have been declared invalid after the course was found to be 380m too short.The mistake, caused by a measuring error, affects about 24,000 runners who competed in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

UK Athletics will not now recognise times from those races, but the error was corrected in time for this year’s marathon, which was held on 10 April. A true marathon distance is 26 miles and 385 yards.

The Association of UK Course Measurers (AUKCM) said an accredited measurer had ridden the course in 2013 but indicated there had been an error in the calibration of the bicycle wheel. The organisation said it regretted the mistake and the effect it has on runners’ times.

Listen, as a marathon runner myself (humble brag city), nothing is harder than those last 380 meters of a race. However, watching some of these running hardos train all there lives just to fall flat on their face after mile 26 is laugh out loud funny. As we discussed last week in the Boston Marathon, getting carried over the finish line shouldn’t count as finishing the race. Therefore, anyone who has run in this marathon over the last three years should not count their results either. Anyone can run 26 miles, but 26.2 miles is something else. I’m sure records were broken in those races and personal achievements were set,  but a marathon is a marathon and rules are rules. In fact, I think we need to take this a step further and take away the medals from these finishers. Medals are for true marathon runners, simple as that. Although on second thought, taking away the medals from these “athletes” might just be worse than the physical pain of actually running the damn race…




4 thoughts on “Manchester Marathon is Mistakenly 380m Too Short, and We Should Take Away the Medals

  1. Seriously? What a horrible person you must be.

    We’re already feeling gutted but you have to twist the knife a little further – do you get enjoyment from this?

    I trained so hard for this race in 2013; I’d have happily ran the last 380 meters, had they been there.

    I was so proud of my medal. However, I’d happily give it back if I’m refunded for the entry fee, travel and accommodation costs incurred. It’s not our fault.

    Whose side are you on? You’re a marathon runner, right? Then you must be aware of the training involved – we did that. We turned up, we ran.

    A marathon is hundreds of miles. We’re talking about 380 meters here. I must have covered that walking to the start line and walking back to the car at the finish.

    I’ll swap my medal for another one if I’m given the chance to run it again.

    I feel that all those who ran between 2013-2015 should be able to run again at a heavily discounted price- as an apology.



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