“Dead Official” Appointed to Officiate Soccer Game in Nigeria


BBC– Nigerian football’s crisis has taken a bizarre twist with an attempt to appoint a dead referee for Sunday’s match between Warri Wolves and Giwa FC.It comes as Chris Giwa continues to challenge Nigerian Football Federation president Amaju Pinnick.

A Nigerian court has ruled Giwa should replace the Fifa-recognised Pinnick and in a move to wrest control he has named the weekend’s top-flight officials.However, among those selected is Wale Akinsanya, who died in January.Giwa’s NFF rival group sent notice of its actions to the chief operation officer of the league management company on Wednesday.

It has raised the possibility that two sets of match officials – those appointed by Giwa’s group and those appointed by the NFF – could turn up for the fixtures.

Listen, I know this is expected out of a country like Nigeria, but it is still hilarious to know that a dude who died in January was named the top official for a game this weekend in APRIL. Like yea, maybe the mail system takes a month or two in Nigeria (what mail system?) and the office didn’t get his letter of resignation, but a full three months after is just unacceptable even for those standards.

On second thought, I’m actually a licensed soccer official out here on Long Island (Yea nbd but kbd) and this stuff is expected out of the league offices even here in the US. The system they use in my location is literally out of the 90’s, and I’m surprised I am even able to get games every week. If I were to die, I think it would actually take even longer than three months for the league office to find out and stop assigning me games. Therefore, I think I have to actually change my mind and give Nigeria a pass here. Classic FIFA move too at the end there stating that the court system has to get involved in the removal of a referee from a random Nigerian soccer game. Two referees are now being appointed to the game, which I guess is slightly better than one dead guy?  FIFA at it again.



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