Netherlands Set to Move Towards a Petrol and Diesel Ban by 2025


The Guardian– Dutch politicians have voted through a motion calling on the country to ban sales of new petrol and diesel cars starting in 2025.

The motion has only passed through the lower house of the Netherlands’ parliament, and would need to pass through the Dutch senate to become legally binding. But its success in a majority vote puts the earliest date yet on just when a major country might begin phasing out polluting transportation.

The leader of the PvdA, Diederik Samsom, says that the proposal would be feasible – and that the energy agreement wouldn’t conflict with it. “That agreement runs until 2023, we are free in what we do after that. We are ambitious, perhaps other parties are less so”, he said. Electric car sales in the Netherlands currently stand at just under 10%. 

Power moves from the Dutch here. We will see if this passes through Dutch Parliament, but banning all diesel and petrol is a great move for the Orange and a great move for the “Go Green” campaign. The United States is slowly catching on to the electric car craze, but countries like the Netherlands have been already moving forward for years. Although 10% of market share doesn’t seem like a lot of share, it is over ten times the US EV market share of 0.66% in 2015.

Moving forward, more and more countries will look to sever ties with the oil industry as lithium-ion batteries and solar panel technologies become cheaper to manufacturer. Combining this fact with Obama’s pledge for 1 million “advanced technology” vehicles on the road back in 2008 have rapidly developed EV technologies here in the US. Hopefully, by 2050 US can follow Netherlands into the diesel and petrol ban that will free us from many political issues in the Middle East and allow us to continue to reduce our carbon emissions. This step will evidently coincide with autonomous vehicle adoption which could reduce a US car accident death toll of over 32,000 people per year.



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