WTF is a KJ?

Hello readers (grandma). The name is KJ. Although I enjoy humor and writing for my own sake, I will be keeping and updating this extremely fancy WordPress blog in the hopes of landing a gig as some sort of writer within the Barstool network. I’m keeping the flashiness of the page down as I’m trying to just show my content. Growing up in New York, I am naturally a Knicks, Yankees, Devils, and Saints (???) fan. I’m fresh off finishing a Master of Engineering degree and looking for some reason to apply those skills to the world of sports and technology in the only way I know how, which is writing relatively humorous yet informative and grammatically correct blogs (meaning I proofread one time). I’ve been a Barstool Sports reader for about 7 years, and hopefully reading the blog day in and day out can have some sort of personal benefit other than the amount of “friends with cute dogs” that I have. I hope to infuse sports talk with a bit of tech and automotive talk for which I feel I have a decent background in and which speaks to the key 21-34 year old demographic that Barstool dominates. All in all, I’m probably wasting my time, but at least I get to put it on my resume (call me Davey Pageview). Until next time.



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