Good Idea: Present for Sheriff, Bad Idea: Grenade inside Present

Fake Grenade

Huffington Post-BEAVER, Pa. (AP) — A grenade that led authorities to evacuate a Pennsylvania county courthouse was a gag gift intended for the newly elected sheriff.

Instead, Beaver County Sheriff Tony Guy ordered the evacuation as a precaution after the box was X-rayed as part of Wednesday’s incoming mail.

Authorities say the sender is friends with the sheriff and had clearly labeled the box with his return address. District Attorney David Lozier says the man was upset that the gift caused such problems and cooperated with investigators.

The grenade was harmless. It was mounted on a plaque with a sign reading, “Complaint department. Take a number.” A numbered plastic ticket was attached to the grenade’s pin.

The courthouse was evacuated for about 80 minutes

I can’t believe in this day and age that the Sheriff of Beaver County did not find this gag gift funny. I mean the guy is clearly a friend of the sheriff, no need to create such a commotion. In this P.C. friendly age I guess certain people can’t take jokes anymore.

How dumb do you have to possibly be to send a fake grenade as a gift to a sheriff in the police department?  I’m all for pulling pranks on my friends, but this one appears to slightly tip-toe the line of reason. Labeling the box with a return address is a power move, although I would think that through next time. Maybe just show up with the fake grenade and deliver by hand. At least you’ll save on postage.



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