ESports Announcers Over Shaq in a Bloodbath

The back and forth starts around 1:43

STOP THE FIGHT! Shaq has kids man. These ESport announcers p00ning Shaq over his weight and his role in Kazaam is one thing, but saying they could run up and down the court faster than him is laugh out loud funny. The NBA on TNT crew continues to be completely outrageous, and now that Turner has  announced that it will stage two 10-week-long “seasons” of the Counter-Strike video game  in 2016, they are looking to promote the league with their basketball audience. Only Shaq and the crew could turn this moment on its head by trading quips with “David Buckum”.

Of course, Charles Barkley finishes the segment by telling “Erneh” and the Jet that he expects all English-accent speaking people to be white, and hearing a brotha speak in that way confused him. Kenny’s wife having the same accent did not register with the big man, but we’ll let it slide.

“I’m full of points Ernie”. You tell em Chuck.

No Barkley post is complete without the obligatory Top Ten quotes of all time post: Barstool Barkely Quotes



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