Decent Amount of Sex Offenders for a Tampa Bay Neighborhood

10 News Tampa Bay Sarasota-Imagine making this discovery: hundreds of sex offenders living within walking distance of your house.

That’s the case for some neighbors in V-M Ybor off Nebraska Avenue in Tampa and Thursday they are determined to get Tampa City Council members to do something about it.

Most of the neighbors bought their homes in the VM Ybor neighborhood for their historic value and the proximity to downtown Tampa and while there have always been a few sex offenders and predators here and there, now, they say the amount is absolutely unacceptable.

When Kelly Grimsdale plugs her address into the FDLE sex offender database and chooses a 5 mile radius around her home, there are 839 sex offenders and predators.

Search here for sexual predators & offenders Within a quarter mile? There are 75. That’s within a 5 minute walk from her home.

“I was trying to do an email search the other day and over the last four years I have received 97 notifications of a sexual predator moving to our neighborhood. It’s only a matter of time before someone in our neighborhood gets harmed,” Grimsdale explained.

Classic Tampa move here having 800 sex offenders located within a 5 mile radius of downtown Tampa, especially in a neighborhood known for its historic value. I truly did not even blink an eye when I read the headline. The idea that the city council has to “enforce a Hillsborough County ‘anti-clustering’ ordinance, which bans too many sex offenders living in a particular area like a home, condo or apartment complex” seems like a great idea, but it probably should have already been thought of before hundreds of sex offenders moved to within a 5 mile radius of each other.

Curious as to the sex offenders near my hometown for some reason, I did a search on the offender database. Although my town is relatively small, I did not expect to have 799 less listings than T.B. (actually, yes I did because I don’t live in Tampa). I also thought it was interesting that they separate ethnicity into Hispanic or not Hispanic, which is a nice touch.

Screenshot 2016-01-08 16.01.38.png



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